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My Prestashop Store Front has a blank product with a zero price.

Have you seen this before?

You have a product that both exists and does not exist. You cannot edit it in the back office, yet the id exists in the (prefix)_product field in the database. To make matters worse, this blank product now shows up on your homepage in the featured products module. So what now?

Important to know, this is not theme related. The problem is a bug related to PS 1.7.x.

How does this happen?

  1. Start adding new product in catalogue.
  2. Don’t save the product. Leave the product configuration window by clicking previous button in browser. Or click any menu item, when creating a new product that if you navigate away from the create product page before saving, or just don’t save the product!

The result:

  1. Now there is a new product inside the database. There is a new product id (assigned to category id 2 (home)), but the product remains empty.
    Note: You will not see this product in BO product listing. You can only see it inside database. But if you would create another product and save it as should, you would see that the product ID has skipped a number (because PS created an empty product before).

Can this be fixed?

Yes. You need to have database access to fix this error. You would have to login to your database to manually remove the product from the products table..
You may want to compare product ID’s with your Backoffice to identify the empty products. The product ID’s that are not visible in BO are the empty products.

Steps to follow:

  1. log into your directadmin/cpanel
  2. Open phpMyAdmin
  1. Locate your database
  2. Scroll down till you find your database prefix_product

3. Now find the product ID or scroll to the right and locate the price tab and look for products with a zero price.

Delete the product. Remember to clear your cache in your prestashop dashboard. the product should be gone now.

Hopefully they will release a fix soon for this bug.

Please Note:

If you have a website design package with 3MoonsOnline, you will not have “back-end” access to your database. We take every precaution to warn you of this bug before hand. Please follow our after design price list to see the cost of fixing this error.

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