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I want to move my website to a new host

There may be many reasons you would like to move your website to a new host.

Here are the 9 basic steps to follow:

How to Transfer Web Hosting in 9 Steps

  1. Sign up to a new hosting provider.
  2. Save your website’s files. If you do not have access to these file ask your host for a copy of your files
  3. Export your database. If you do not have access to your database ask your host for a copy of your database
  4. Create a new database.
  5. Create a new database within your new hosting account.
  6. Import your database.
  7. Modify your website’s files.
  8. Upload your website’s files.
  9. Test your website.

Please note if hosting is part of your package with 3MoonsOnline, you will not have FTP access and will have to send us a request via email for a copy of your desired files.

If you own your domain you have 3 options:

  1. Move your domain to the new host. Depending what TLD you have there may be costs involved.
  2. Keep your domain where it is and change your nameserver to point to the new host. If you do not have access to manage your domain, contact your host and supply them with the desired name servers.
  3. Cancel your domain

Some things to note:

Some hosting providers incorrectly advise their clients that the transfer is initiated from the loosing registrar, and this is incorrect.

If your domain name is a TLD (.com, .org, .net etc) or a gTLD (.africa, .capetown etc) then obtain the EPP code from the client service area under the domain menu page, and unlock the domain for transfer.

If your domain name is a .ZA Domain (co.za, web.za, net.za and org.za) then no transfer code is required and the domain does not need to be unlocked.

Now place your order for your transfer from your new hosting providers website and accept the domain transfer approval email which is sent by the registry to the registrant email address.

A Last Note: if you received a free domain via one of 3MoonsOnline website design packages, you do not have access to change the nameservers and you will have to contact us via email. As the free domain does not belong to you the first year of hosting your website with us, there will also be a cost involved in transferring your domain away from us, payable to us, regardless of the TLD you are using and a possible cost from the new host aswell. Please read the Terms & conditions

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