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How to set up attributes that impact on products price

Create the Attribute:

It is suggested when you create your attribute, to add the price to the attribute.

Example:  The main product a plastic cup costs R10.

  • The cup comes in blue, green and Yellow – No price change
  • The cup sizes are small(R10), medium(R15) and large(R20)

Create Attribute ‘Colour’ and add variations blue, then green and then yellow

Create Next attribute ‘Available Size’ and add variations Small-R10, then Medium-R15 and then Large-R20

Add Attribute to product:

  1. Now go to the product you wish to change. Change the product type from single to combinations.
  2. Enter the smallest amount in price i.e. R10
  3. Go to the combinations page.
  4. Choose your attributes in the right column in the following order:
  5. Blue, green, yellow, small-R10, Medium-R15, Large-R20
  6.  Click generate when done.

Changing the Price Value:

It will look something like this when generated:

Colour, blue, available size, small-R10

Colour, blue, available size, Medium-R15

Colour, blue, available size, large-R20

Colour, green, available size, small-R10


  • Now we don’t change the small-R10 as this price stays the same. Go to medium-R15, click edit on the right, look for ‘impact on price’ and add R5, as the price impact is only R5 difference. Click Save.

Do the same for all combinations that impact price. Remember to only add the difference in the price impact.

Click Save and you’re done. Make sure on your website storefront that your changes work as intended.

If you receive a error message and are not able to save your work,
it is most likely that you have exceeded the number of attributes you can
add. Rethink your attributes or contact your hosting to increase the size.
*This might cost you extra depending on your host provider.

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