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How to set shipping free over a certain amount in PrestaShop

  1. Using the “Free shipping starts at” setting.
    The setting is located on the left panel under “Shipping > Preferences” page. You can set it to for example R200, then all orders over R200 will get Free shipping, very easy.

The setting works for all carriers. If you provide an expensive fast shipping method and a cheap general shipping method, then those two shipping methods will all become free. That’s not okay in some cases.

2. Adding a Free shipping range to carriers.

Add a range with 0.00 shipping fee for a carrier, then your customers will get fee shipping when their orders are in the range and have the carrier selected.

You can see different ranges for each carrier:

free shipment on prestashop

3. Creating a free shipment voucher.

See screenshots below, the key points are

  1. Set a “Minimum amount” for the cart to use the voucher.
  2. Enable the “Free shipping” setting. This way is very flexible, because you can add restrictions to the voucher. This will make the Free shipment voucher can only be apply for certain products & certain carriers. People need to apply the voucher to get free shipment, the voucher won’t be applied automatically.


1. Why “Free shipping” shows for people who aren’t logged in?

PrestaShop can’t get the address info for people who aren’t logged in.

It’s not possible to show a accurate shipping fee without address info, so PrestaShop shows Free shipment out.

2. A free shipping voucher can be applied to part of an order

If an order contains more than one item, a free shipping voucher or coupon code can be applied to part of an order, then the whole order will be free shipping.

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