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Adding Products to your Store

Adding Products to your Store.

Here we will help you navigate your way around your brand new online store. If you have any problems please do not hesitate to ask your webmaster for help.

Email: clientservice@3moonsonline.co.za or

admin@3moonsonline.co.za or

Whatsapp: +27748878626

In this tutorial we will cover all the details concerning how to add a new product to your store.

The Steps for adding a product is as follows:

·         First ensure there is a category for your product.

·         Creating attributes/features if any are required.

·         Adding your new product.

Creating a New category

When listing an item to sell, the first thing you’ll need is a category for specific goods. This makes finding certain products easier for visitors and helps tremendously when it comes to tracking the progress of your online business.

1.    From the dashboard, go to the Catalog area and click, “Categories.”

2.    Click the tool to “Add new category” on the right of the screen.

3.    Fill out the information and click the “Save” button on the bottom right. For instance, I am going to create a category for “Solar Toys.” You can also add thumbnails, cover images, Meta data and more to fine-tune the category itself.

Attributes / Features

It is best until you are comfortable with your store, to have your webmaster create all attributes you would need for the product.

However here is a general scenario:

·        Product is a white shirt in sizes S,M,L

·        The shirt comes in long sleeve and short sleeve.

–         You will create a attribute called ‘Sizes Available’ with values: ‘S’, ‘M’, ‘L’

–         You will also create a attribute called ‘Select Shirt type’ with values: ‘Long Sleeve’ and ‘Short Sleeve’

Access the Attributes and Values page

1.    In order for an attribute to be created you will need to access the Attributes and Values page which is located inside your Store’s admin backend → Catalog → attributes and Values.

2.    The Attributes and Values page will display by default all of the Attributes and Values you have already created.

3.    In order for a new Attribute to be created simply click on the Add New Attribute button located at the top.

4.    The Add New Attributes page provides 3 fields you will need to fill:

·        Name –– The actual name of the attribute. It will not be visible to the customers.

·        Public Name – The name of the attribute which will be visible for all of the customers. E.g.: ‘Sizes Available’

·        Attribute Type – The physical type of the attribute. E.g.: dropdown or radio buttons

5.    Click save, then tick the attribute you have just created. Click on view which is located to the right of the attribute.

6.    Now we are going to create the value of the attribute. Click add new value at the top right.

7.    Now fill in ‘Long Sleeve’, click save and add new and fill in ‘short sleeve’. Now this attribute has been created with its values. Do the same for any other attributes your product has.

Adding a product

After creating the category for your specific item and its attributes, it’s time to add it to the store.

1.    Go to the Catalog area and click, “Products.”

2.    Click the button on the right to “Add new product.”

3.    From this screen, you will need to fill out all of the pertinent information for your product. This includes things like the name, descriptions, prices, SEO settings and more.

The more detailed you can be with your products, the better your store will perform. Don’t skip any details as they may be vital for consumers.

Adding a attribute

By default your webmaster would have created all attributes you would need. In the right column next to product name will be 2 options: single product or product has combinations. Click combinations if your product has. Then go to combinations tab.

On the right you should select all the attributes required. Click on generate once done.

For normal attributes this will be the last step.

*For more detailed attributes such as attributes changing the price value, contact the webmaster. Please note some functions may not be available to you on your current package.

Enable and Disable Products

To prevent your item from showing up while you work, go to the Information page and click, “No” for Enabled. Just don’t forget to enable the product once you’re ready for it to go live. Otherwise, your website will not show it to buyers.

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